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Joe Micheletti nailed it!!!

New York Ranger commentator Joe Micheletti after observing the Ranger penalty killing unit of Hayes, Pirri, Miller and Stepan noting how every time they're on the kill and getting scoring chances, coined the phrase "Power Killing". This s-h-i-t goes on all the time in this game, the real power play is short handed.


  • In EASHL modes that's because a lot of players are just more concerned with playing offensively. Also, "The best defence is a good offence" sometimes applies. The main problem I think is that there is no real big fatigue factor as the game currently uses the preset 3 arcade style when it should be the preset 4 sim style. I think if fatigue was more of a factor then a lot of players would change their mentality while on the PK to conserve their energy and not play so offensively.
    I agree man, fatigue should be more of a factor. If you're using the hustle button all period ...you should be dead tired later in the period.

  • When killing a penalty players should fatigue RAPIDLY. You should be forced to change pretty much every time you clear the puck, making going for offense a real risky situation as your guys will be dead tired if it fails. Of course, you should be able to assign 3 pairs of forwards to the PK then as well.
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