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Whats up with defensive teammate a.i.?



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    This sounds cliche, but play better D. Honestly, I was struggling earlier this year too and was getting lit up.

    I took a few games to work on my defense and I've seen a noticeable change.

    "Playing better D" doesn't solve the issue that the AI makes for a game that isn't fun. You can play great D, and the AI still makes ridiculous, immersion breaking choices. You might learn to compensate for these errors, but it still **** the fun out of the game. The AI is a major issue for online play and THE major issue (along with the horrendous passing mechanics) for offline/single player modes. You saying essentially "git gud brah" just shows that you fundamentally do not understand why this is an issue for people, which shows a startling lack of critical thinking skills for an adult, or it shows you are a troll. Either way, knock it off slugger.

    I guess I don't understand it because I don't have this issue now with the way I play. You have to be sure not to draw guys out of position. If you do, it messes with everyone's assignments.

    See, my critical thinking skills helped me solve this problem. You should try it.

    No you just regurgitated your talking points without showing an ounce of insight or understanding. Which is exactly what I expected from you Scamp. Let your parents know that you finally didn't let someone down, okay slugger?



    Ok there, Babe Ruth....
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