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Jersey cost?

What's with the cost of jerseys? This is insane. Hard to find on for 600 or less....


  • They can all be used towards collectibles. Hence why the prices are so high.

    If you think that's bad, try finding some non rare players for under 1000
  • I have all cards setup to do Car TB Col Chi Sj sets. These are the next hero's I'm going to complete once I figure out the Carbon situation. You really have to plan ahead to do these sets. Buy low.
  • Oh I am buying low lol but like are they so high because of all the Christmas buyers?
  • People speculated with the free incoming carbons and bought up teams that were easy to complete sets of.

    The playoff rewards of carbons increases the demand of players/jerseys that easily convert into sets.

    The "gift of giving" reduces the amount of supply as some people trade these non-rare players in.

    There are a few people price-locking, or at least attempting to price-lock.
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