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EASHL Connection Questions


  • Recently, playing with just my west coast friends hasn't been so bad despite at least 50% of games being played on the wrong server.

    Last night I played with them plus our east coast teammate and it was way worse.

    This solidifies my statement that there are at least 2 major issues with EASHL online:
    1) it puts teams on the wrong server
    2) the games are extra laggy when teams are comprised of people from multiple regions

    I'm sorry but it doesn't take 6 months to fix something like this. Any other company who cared about their game would've had this fixed a long time ago.

    I'm completely done with this game and if they don't fix things for NHL 18 I'm definitely not buying it.
  • SpillGal
    336 posts Member
    Completely done...???
    How many people haven't said that, only to find themselves back, swearing and shouting over the faulty design....?
    What we need is a competitor.
    A Kickstarter project, or at least some sign of competition.
    Until that happens, we are stuck with this **** excuse for a hockey-game.
  • I agree. But I'm actually done. I'm done playing this broken game. It's been broken online since they ported it over to next gen (NHL15). I won't be wasting my time or money on nhl18 if it's another trash year.
    Youre right. There needs to be a petition or something. I'll start one up.
  • Sgt_Kelso
    1325 posts Member
    edited March 2017
    Good luck with that, dannovision... :|

    The fact is we're only about six months away from the next version of this game, probably a beta-version in the summer... and most of the issues remain unsolved and unanswered.... and they probably don't have any interest in 'fixing' anything at this point, unless it serves the purposes of the next iteration of this game? Seems like a waste of resources as it wont bring them more money. If they cared about our good will, they'd done something a lot before this, and not release trash like NHL15.

    If the EASHL online experience remains the same (verify during beta, if there is one), I probably won't bother with NHL18. I mean what's the point? If you want inferior, sluggish and frustrating gaming experience, this year's game will do just as well?

    I know EA has got the HUT players by their dangly bits, so they will buy the game regardless, because you gotta get them all and what not. But I would urge everybody to think really hard before pre-ordering the game... does EA really deserve your money? They'd have to pull a rabbit out the hat for NHL18.
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