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Can't apply contract

Every time applying a contract game crashes today.
Also bought those contracts pack. Pucks are gone but only got two gold contracts in my objects. Anyone with the same issues?


  • noone with the same problem? Getting an error code everytime applying a contract. Can not play a single game now. That sucks. What can i do? Can i uninstall the game and reinstall it? Is all of the HUT data on the servers?
  • If you re-install the game you wont lose anything HUT related at least. I would try that.

    Have you tried more than one connection? For example trying to share Wifi Hotspot from your phone or something. This happened to me often in NHL16 and 15, but hasn't happened once in NHL17. Usually just restarting the game helped though.
  • OK i will try to reinstall when i come home.

    Found that video on youtube, it is exactly my problem: https://youtube.com/watch?v=RZb3O9cFQrw
  • I've found when I get errors with hut or or other online connected modes that clearing the MAC address and cache on the Xbox one usually solves any problems. Not sure why it works but is almost 95% of the time it fixes my ea connection issues (it's only NHL that I have connection issues, all other ea games are fine) You should let people know what system your on so they can help better.
  • I have the apply contract issue sometimes. I close the game, start it up again and then it's fine. (PS4)
  • I've noticed sometimes if u apply a contract and it kinda sticks to player the next time u use the first contract it kicks u out try using a contract a few down the row that works for me and eventually that used contract that is still available goes away
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