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So I need help or hear you ot about passing in the game and particulary short passes.
I have tried everything from 0-100 in passing assist but the short passing I just cant get to work. When going up with lw and C is close to me I slide and press to pass while right stick is aiming towards my C. The pass can either go to my RD way out right or behind my center or sometimes just straight forward, its like a lottery if the pass will go where I intend it. I reallt try to pass my way through with 2-3 short passes in a row but I find it nearly impossible because one of the passes will end up just random.

Like when you play against locked goalie the offensive AI passes so quick and much back and forth and for it to be nearly impossible as a human player is just stupid. None of the Div 1 players pass around that much and fast, Ive met maybe 3 players that pass ht epuck well wherever they might be but it seems like passing is to randomized to be using for a lot of players or is it just me?

Would really love to be able to pass those easy short passes more quicker and accurate when facing skilzone and trap..
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