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(PS4) Center looking for a good west coast club

Not gonna make a long post this time. I feel like plenty of people here know me anyway, and if not then that's fine too. I've been playing these games since EASHL first became a thing, and am looking for a west coast team that's made up of adults who play a realistic style of hockey and have a winning record (over .500). Top 50 would be a bonus, but not required. I'm usually on between 9PM-1AM Pacific, but I have been going through some health-related issues lately and there are some nights where I just can't play, though that's very rare. I also enjoy playing the occasional game at LD, and would even consider playing that as a full time position if the forwards cycle a lot. Definitely prefer C though. Anyway, if interested send me a message on PSN because I rarely check these forums: PrototypeX85.


  • Hi Proto,

    Would love for you to play with us! I know we've recently connected on PS4 but haven't played together yet. Hope that changes soon. I have played drop-in with you a couple times and taken notice.

    Our club is above 500 although our record doesn't really count. Some people have been trying out and a couple of our losses are due to us disconnecting cause we lost a player or it was crazy laggy. We currently have a core of 3 people but are working on that.

    We are on the westcoast, we are adults, we play 9pm PST.

    Hope we can make it work. Sorry to hear about he health issues.
  • You guys playing tonight? I'm down to get some games in.
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