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WJC Cards

I know lots of people are down on these cards even being released but man are they crazy fun to use. I hadn't really planned on bothering with them until I bought a 40 player pack last week that had 5 of them in it. I figured why not give them a shot. I ended up picking up all of them at the end of the week when their prices dropped off. Yesterday I sold off my Derek Roy and picked up all the newest ones. I have only used them all for 6 games but I am confident in saying right now that 87 Anthony Cirelli is better than 93 Derek Roy.

In all 6 games (single player, superstar) I have used him, Cirelli has outscored and been better on faceoffs than Mike Richards. 99 speed/accel/agility along with 99 SSP/WSP and 90 FO to name a few make this card insane. I play him on the PK with WCH Bure and the speed is just silly. I picked up Cirelli for 90k, I highly recommend picking this card up if you play a rush style game. His only downside IMO is that he is not very big and is not much of a physical presence.

I can also say that Barzal, Nylander, Chabot and Zborovskiy play well above their ratings and could even say they are even over-powered for what they are. Almost feels like cheating but REALLY fun to use. Try them out if things are getting a bit stale, you won't regret it.


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