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Has the dev team ever actually watched or played hockey before?

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Just curious. And why do you guys ice tilt for the team with the legends as opposed to the team that has none? I read somewhere you do that so people like me think they need better players so they'll buy packs which I've been a sucker for a couple times.


  • They tilt the ice for both. I have 7 players 99speed 99 exceleration and they all have high 90's puck control but the same or lesser players like the last game i played the opponent had a disticnt advantage right frome the start of the game not to mention the same goals going in all the time not screened or not even a deke move before he shot and my Christmas Fluery goes to his knees and doesnt move his arms. Game decided before it even started. Last year im ever giving money to EA for anything other than club. I only will do that because ive played with the same group of guys for years. I wish 2K would make hockey again then maybe EA would have to make a better game. One that doesnt cheat people out of wins. This game will suck unless theres competition because they have the rights to use the NHL product.
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