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My easy tip to get better instantly

Change the camera to Dynamic High. That's it. I've been playing this series forever on the default camera, and boy does it stink. With the Dynamic High camera I can see ahead of the play for better break-out passing. Plus, and my ability to cycle in the offensive zone has greatly increased now that I can actually see my defenders back at the blue line. I know this is a stupid newb tip, but since I changed my camera my online record has improved immensely.


  • I'll try that... thanks. Would love a dynamic camera that would auto adjust height depending on the situation.. get higher when deep in the zone, get closer on a breakaway, etc..
  • Play better D
  • Lynch-CAN wrote: »
    Play better D

    C'mon folks, you all knew that was coming right?
  • Classic is better... Dynamic high cuts off corners when you play offense, especially the far side d man.
  • Lynch-CAN wrote: »
    Play better D

    C'mon folks, you all knew that was coming right?

    Lol or Git gud
  • Try the "zone" camera. It's like the old custom 3. You can see the whole ice...but it's not to zoomed out like "overhead" is.
  • Dixonyu wrote: »
    Classic is better... Dynamic high cuts off corners when you play offense, especially the far side d man.

    I don't know how anyone uses anything other than Classic.
  • B_Bunny
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    Ive used overhead for years.
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  • Dixonyu
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    See what I've also said to ea is they need different cameras for face offs and fighting, of course they said why cameras are perfect we are the best speech... But overhead has a disadvantage in the circle and fighting as you are so zoomed out compared to someone using dynamic medium per say, I don't know why the cameras aren't third person ...Then fighting dynamic high if you fight by the boards half the time you can't even see your guy fighting , the Twitter rep as ignorant as they are said there is nothing wrong with that lol ...

    Also I never got why if you have possession the camera didn't fix and give you a better shot of what's in your defensive zone, and when you get it on offense it pans up for that bit so you just don't see the one zone ... You can generally only see one zone at a time which is super annoying ... I don't need to see the offensive zone from the neutral zone, but I would like too the neutral zone from the defensive zone to see stretch passes better instead of guessing on indicators , and the nuetral zone from the offensive zone to spot cherry pickers easier ... Every time you enter the offensive zone the camera repositions at the blue as well...
  • As a forward or defenceman, I use zone. Then during the opening face-off I hold down the touch pad for a couple of seconds to have to camera focus more on my player.

    Zone and lots of touchpad action during the game.

    Don't know how anyone plays Defense on Classic.
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  • I tried this camera. God no. Can't handle it moving left and right during play.

    Classic for forward, overhead for defense.
  • I don't see how anyone can play, especially EASHL, on anything but zone or overhead.
  • My easy tip to get better instantly:

    Just pass the puck.

  • Big boys plays on broadcast camera.
    Nuff said.
  • Yeah, one thing that is better than ever is the camera. The "Zone" angle with the dynamic tracking function turned on is great for playing defense. You can see the whole zone plus see those forwards blowing the zone looking for the long pass.
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  • Big boys plays on broadcast camera.
    Nuff said.

    The big boys play EASHL and I don't know any good player that uses that camera angle.

  • I like this thread - gonna try zone and classic.

    As a D-Man I switched from Dynamic high to dynamic medium this year as I found getting the camera in a bit closer allowed me to better time and execute poke checks, stick lifts and hits.
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