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Cherry picking still.....

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Still too overpowered.

Since our 6's club vanished because nobody is having fun, there are only a few of us left so we ended up playing 2's, what a circus that is.

The good old, don't play defense, just hang out close to neutral zone and tap tap tap call for stretch pass still works too well, the pass goes right thru defenders basically 90% of the time.

Why does EA reward cherry pickers still? Why reward not playing defense? Why let all these stretch passes go thru defenders stick to stick laser pass?


We beat a 17-0-0 club 4-2, then lost to a 4-0-1 club 4-1, they got 4 breakaway goals receiving a tap tap tap called pass the length of the ice in stride, pass right thru everyone.


  • Id tell you to set your AI to 1-3-1 and Neutral Zone Trap, but then they put no pressure on the puck and a 1 on 3 is really a breakaway.

    2 on 2 should be removed from eashl imo - or at least not have its stats tracked. EA cant put out a decent ai (fifa cant either, and their budget is much bigger) so a gamemode with more AI than Humans doesnt work.
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  • Yeah with 2s you need a human defender. For sure. Stretch passes are going through defenders because of the auto-saucer and the defensemen can't knock it out of the air.
  • If the complaint is that ai Dmen are too good at making breakout passes, how is the counter to use human D?

    Use ai D and cherry pick right back. Its what eashl 2 on 2 is all about. Rack up those goal totals.
    Trying to play any sort of real hockey in 2 on 2 is pointless.

    2 on 2 shouldnt be in competitive EASHL.
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  • Or just take all the AI out and only allow matched room sizes.
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