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Thoughts on mov saad

I'm looking to buy one for his synergies but just want to make sure he is still a good card. I know it should still play the same as his base card which has been great for me.


  • I liked Saad. But I'm not sure how many more upgrades he will get. Columbus has been on fire and he didn't receive one. What are the synergies he has? Are there other players with similar ones?
  • I think he is the only player with 1t and T and that's exactly what I need. Granted I could replace home with someone else and do some other things in my team but idk I would like to have 1 movember
  • Are you on ps4? There were a bunch available last night under 50k. I haven't paid much attention to him but that's a good price for a 87 movember. He could get an upgrade or 2.
  • Ya I ended up not going after him. Picked up 2 other players and the team is playing great
  • Good to hear
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