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Some changes for nhl18

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I'd like to see team scrums and when someone scores the team gets together not just too players

- also I'd like to see a deeper be a pro and more realism from it

- like not every goal against hurts your player the goalies suck on the game but it's always your fault make it more real.

- Also ai needs overhauled your teammates are always forcing passes to you

- when u land a big clean hit u must fight is stupid.

- Plus make team gameplans that are simple play fast or play physical or shoot the puck things like that that are real

- every team plays different teams copy other teams styles

- have buyouts and players get over or under paid.

- Also have coaches think like real coaches with line changes and benchings

- mix and match lines and shortening the bench when needed. You don't have to have set lines teams do mix it up.

At the end of the day that's all we want is realism
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