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Why playing goalie is complete garbage in this game

Any competent high school goalie would have saved all of these, and directed the 2 garbage rebound goals into the boards and/or over the glass, not directly onto the opposition's stick.

I quit playing this unrewarding dumpster fire of a game until NHL 18... maybe they will add some skill to this game, not just random **** all game long. And you bet your **** I'll wait for some reviews.

Bonus slap in the face: Coach actually gave me several minus points saying something like "you gotta keep that glove high!" and "stop giving out so many rebounds".

Rant over.


  • deadman9999
    877 posts Member
    edited January 2017
    couple of those goals you did the diving side flop way to early so yes that will be a goal and why do you flop so much when all you have to do is move ur goalie to the side and he will stop it
  • Yeah the flopping is bad but **** I feel your pain on those other ones. Those are my games too lol.

    3rd, 4th and 5th should have all been stopped in my opinion. From where the puck is released, you're in great position. Angles are cut down and you're tracking.

    But why does it go in? Because we still glide away from the shot and because shooting accuracy is ridiculous in this game.

    Your flop goals were bad though. But I completely relate to that game. It's happened to me probably 4 times today out of 10 games or so today where it's multiple goals where you're challenging the shooter, not even an accurate shot beats your or a flubbed shot beats you.

    This patch is rough. And those with elite LG defense every game won't understand. They'll just say "keep your feet still" or "you're not out far enough on that unscreened shot" yet if you go and watch their streams they're playing the exact same way on a couple of those goals.

  • Yeah I know that first flop was terribly timed.. I panicked and I deserve that goal against. I don't expect to save everything obviously. The second dive (in OT) was a lot better timed but still a useless and unrewarding desperation save, I mean what other time is better to use that save animation?

    Either way both rebounds should have never happened as the puck should have been redirected with my stick into the boards or over the glass, like any competent goalie would have done.

    This game seems to reward crappy plays (random floaters, obvious low shot rebound attempts, etc), and punishes all the good things (cross crease one timers, and even as goalie the desperation saves).

    In this same game I made several tough saves (we were outshot approx 25-15), even one cross creaser Ovi-style bullet that I had no business saving, but I miraculously got a spiderman glove save from one side to the other in a split second. What's the point of even playing as goalie when there's just so much random **** going on? Staying in position is literally 80% of the work yet it means almost nothing.

    Little Timmy needs to score? Don't make the goalies look bad just to do so.
  • barrett098
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    edited January 2017
    The first goal you need to fully cut angles down with ur body bc reactionary saves are nerfed while blocking saves are buffed. I'm glad they are bc before everyone just camped the crease with minimum movement and let the game make ridic reaching saves for them. Played a few games agasint goalies that had good save% and considered elite pre patch, was super fun watching them get lit up bc they still playing same camp the crease let game make saves for you style. It's actually feels rewarding now bc you can be active moving around in the crease without having worrying about the cross grain cheese. That second 5hole goal, I pretty sure its a glitch with some of the goalie stances....few stances I use even when fully challenging shots from that exact location seems to go in 5hole and goalie reacts with save animation when the puck already between ur legs.

    Ya those rebounds that seem to find opposing players sticks are annoying ****...but that Fifa goalkeeper desperation dive is literally useless imo. You better off just RS sliding and going to RVH post hug in those situations.

    Really wish we get a tuner update to boost the precision movement speed for goalies by a considerable amount since we can actually move around and have to fully cut angles down. Or if we don't get precision speed increase at least tune down the speed of charged up passes and one timer clappers of those passes. Skaters shooting accuracy and power from bad angles also needs a nerf now. As goalies we just dont have enough speed at all to keep up with those plays to get our bodies across to make blocking saves. I feel it will feel way more rewarding if we get a precision speed boost to keep up with every play that is happening in front of us. No I will not use T-Pushes!
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