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Bug in Season Mode Trades?

In season mode I like to try to keep the rosters as up-to-date as possible. This year and last, I've encountered an issue where I cannot make player movements in some circumstances. The game will tell me that the trade is not allowed because team x will have less than two playable goalies.

This occurs when goalies aren't even involved in the transaction. For example, Seth Griffith just got claimed by Toronto and I cannot move him because of this error.

Is a fix possible?


  • I do the same thing in Season Mode and have encountered this problem...I found the error can be avoided by simply dropping a player to free agency from team x (not necessarily a goalie). Typically, there's a player on the minor league roster that won't be needed for Season mode.
  • I just tried that. It worked for moving Matt Nietto from San Jose to Colorado. Not for moving Brad Hunt from St. Louis to Nashville.

    Seriously though, for $80 I'd expect a lot more especially when it Is two years in a row this same error has existed.

    Needs an actual fix from EA not a workaround.
  • I agree - hopefully, this will not be in NHL18 (I don't expect this to be fixed in NHL 17).

    For Brad Hunt, I was able to move him from Chicago (AHL) to Milwaukee - I think I dropped Matt Carle from Milwaukee to free agency since he's retired. Don't know if that will help; the workaround has always worked for me by dropping a player, and I always try to make it an AHL to AHL move.
  • I cannot make a trade in my current franchise mode at all. It just says I have too many injured players, even though nobody is injured. Anybody have a solution?
  • So any chance that this bug is fixed in NHL21? It has been an issue now in at least 5 iterations of the game!
  • So, once again NHL21 has the not enough goalies bug when making trades in season mode. Oh, and it also still crashes if you make any trades or signings inside a season and don't have full roster control of every team. It seems like once a transaction is made all of the lines become empty and then when you try to play a game the entire game freezes. Very frustrating for a game that costs almost $100 new.
    Come on EA. This needs to be addressed.
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