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Wilson vs Kaberle

Just looking for some input on Kaberle and if anyone has tried him at all or tried in comparison to Wilson on Def.


  • He's the best LD in the game. I just got him. And I love him. He's so fast and has a rocket shot. He may actually be too fast. If that's possible
  • Kaberle is very good. He is fast but so is Wilson. Kaberle has a better shot. I find they play very similar. If coins/time/effort are no object I would recommend Kaberle. If they are an issue, with the prices of Hero cards right now, Wilson is an absolute steal for the price. My only knock against Wilson is that his synergies don't fit in with my team very well. He is still my highest scoring Dman this year.
  • I did the Wilson set just to Dats but keeping him as he is the beast with great speed and sick shot. Love him :)
  • Wilson is good. I used him a while ago but ditched him because of his synergies. He's fast, but Kaberle is in his own world. As stfx said, if you have the coins I'd get Kaberle. I did the sets and he wasn't cheap.
  • He's the best LD in the game. I just got him. And I love him. He's so fast and has a rocket shot. He may actually be too fast. If that's possible

    Not 100%. He is the best OFD in the game but not the best LD defender in general.

    Keith, Hedman and Suter will need some more upgrades to reach the offense stats of Kaberle, especially when it comes to speed, acceleration and agility. Hedmans shooting accuracy is already better than Kaberle but combining all OFD stats, Keith will pass him soon in that caetgory. Anyway, right now Kaberle is the best OFD in the game (not just LD).

    However, when it comes to defense, meaning DAW, Cecking, Stickcheck, Blocking, Agressiveness, Strength, there are already two palyers with better stats. Mitchell is rated 99 on all these stats (DAW only 97), and even Hedman is already a bit better than Kaberle (specially with checking 95 vs. 90).

    So Kaberle is the best LD OFD in the game but Mitchell is the best LD DFD in the game. Keith, Hedman and Suter need some more weeks till TOTY to pass Kaberle. Hedman is kind of close (and already better as DFD), needs only two more to pass Kaberle.

    I am thinking on my own about Kaberle but I already have 4 top LD with Mitchell plus MOVs Keith, Hedman and Suter. Due to synergies Keith must be currently play in my second team, so I could may switch Kaberle for Keith. However, Keith is close for two 2 MS and likely in one of the TOTY team because EA likes him (like all Chicago guys). I will hate my self when I sell Keith and in a few weeks he is 97 or 98, so I pobably stick to my team.
  • How much is kaberle going for ?
  • PS4 this morning only two available for 740-790k.
  • I didn't say he was the best defensive LD in the game. He's the best LD in the game. Go get him
  • Oh yea I got your message saying you got him! Glad you like him!
  • Ha yeah. It was tough paying for those collectables
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