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Auston Matthews Mov Rating

Bought him for 240k what do u think his overall will end up. 240k might be a steal for the caliber player u might be getting.


  • He's a sure thing for the u23 toty.
  • I grabbed one for 169k and I play him on my kid squad and hes solid at an 89...you can bet he ends up 95-96 overall for sure on the u23 squad if they have it again...
  • 240k is a good investment. His 89 version is already in excellent in game choice. I`m not sure about any upgrades till TOTY. He is at the allstar game and may have chance and as long Torontos youth club plays well there is always a chance for POTG (more than TOTW). However, in a few months he will be part of the U23 TOTY team and I assume in April he will have a 94-96 rating. Based on his current card, this will be an insane weapon. Dont care for the profit, use him.
  • mitavittuanyt
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    I would guess about same that guys like Panarin and Gaudreau got last year, around 93 or 94.
  • Yeah Im going to keep him.
  • Got him for 105k when he was released:) should have bought 2 lol
  • Trouble is the value doesn't keep going up, and up, and up. There's a point where it will level off...regardless if the card will keep getting ovr upgrades. Bigger and better cards are released daily with EA. I'd personally sell within a day of the toty twitter announcements. The "hype" price often exceeds the actual card settle price.
  • There are a lot of them too. Someone was selling him for 200k earlier today.
  • Did the set for 200k. Probably my best investment all year.
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