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Who should I get ?



  • Do I remember right that MOV Voracek has 1t? He is having a good season and could get some upgrades. And costs around 180k :blush:
  • Got Tanguay for 160k. Not sure I like him so yeah mov voracek could be an option
  • I sold mov vorachek when I got Tanguay. Tanguay was always in the right spots it seemed.
  • I like Tanguay. He plays on my 3rd line with mov Backstrom and Bobby hull

    You have mov Backstrom at center? How does he play compared to other top C's?

    He's decent. His shot is really good, but is a great playmaker. I also use him on the pk. The puck seems to find his stick alot. He is OK on face offs. But that is one draw back. I was using him on the wing and mov giroux as my 3rd center. He was great. But I sold him and moved Backstrom back to center. I think he plays better as a center. He's due for some more updates too. I love that line by the way!
  • verrette99 wrote: »
    h8ttrick wrote: »
    88 krieder I pretty good. I loved his base card the 88 is just as good and I like his synergies.

    Im a habs fan so no kreider or marchand on my team haha :p

    Amen brother
  • Bump.

    91ASG Tanguay, with all synergies active (plus my TW, OT, CG, TT, and SB) he is fantastic. Bumped him to my second line over 94Sittler. I've had him for roughly 30 games now.
  • The 89 Totw Koivu has 1T FM and DR.

    Great card at C, but probably can do well at wing as well.
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