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API to collect league stats

Hey guys, I am not a technical guy at all but I know the 6 v. 6 league at Leaguegaming (lg) recently set up their league to automatically grab stats through EA using some sort of API thing. Does anybody know what this is and how the technical guys in my league could set it up as well?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


  • Maybe put this in the Tech and Feedback thread. Hopefully you get a response there.
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  • You can't because leaguegaming is sponsored by ea sports and they also have a contract with Xbox that's why they get the API
  • Its actually not really an API. It is a scraping tool that scrapes the ea club website to get the data. There are some old builds of it on github from like 2012 but they would need to be udpated.
  • VGHL_castroGstar
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    My league, the VGHL, began developing one back during NHL 12 but we ditched it because we use private lobbies to do our match ups so we couldn't justify the cost. Also, you couldn't club hop as easily back then so it wasn't worth the investment.

    Here is the old code, which as mentioned in my previous post, needs to be updated


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