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camera for a D man

try to play but camera allways follow the pucks...as a defensive d man I'm never on the screen...


  • double click the big black middle button on your controller, it will lock onto your player
  • I use classic, i find it has helped somewhat. I was using Dynamic medium.
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  • Zone camera with the auto zoom turned on works best for me.
  • on Xbox One. I use the Classic Camera but if you hit the "select" button I call it, its' the little button on the left, next to the large Xbox home button, it switches from your guy to the puck and vise versa.
  • You could try overhead also
  • The select button gives you the puck or player choice.
  • I use the Zone camera and just before the opening faceoff I hold the select button down for about three seconds. During those three seconds, you will see the camera move from the puck to your position and back to the puck, release the button when it gets back to the puck. You should be able to complete this before the faceoff. If you time it wrong wait till the next faceoff and try again. This will give a camera that will keep both your defenseman and the puck on the screen. It may work with camera presets other than Zone, not sure though.
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