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So, are they working on a revamped Player Development system?


I've honestly been asking this question since NHL 15 and it seems to get very little attention. For me and my friends it's important matter and recently the reason we only enjoy a month of the game before letting it gather dust in the shelf.

Almost every other sports game is ahead of NHL in the Franchise mode system regarding player development. In my opinion Fifa and NBA2K are doing this the best. Neither one is perfect, needs improvement as well, but light years ahead of NHL.

Manual player training

Fifa gives you the ability to manually train 5 players of your choosing every week and depending on how well they do in their training, their stats improve slightly. You might be able to develop an older player who has already reached his potential by 2-3 overall a year. But at the same time their physical attributes start to downgrade at the age of 30~, should be slightly older for an NHL player than a football player though. You can compensate the physical downgrade by upgrading shooting skill for instance. This way you'll be able to keep your favorite players in the game until their retirement and have them become more useful for your game style, you train them where you need them.

Overgrowing potential

It's not common to find a late bloomer, but they exist. In Fifa a player can overgrow its potential by being in excellent form for a long time or by coming back from a loan. It doesn't always happen, but there's always a chance.

Why is it so important?

There's so much to do. You get to scout your own players, train them for you style of play. Have so much more variety in the game. Help your favorite players develop.


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