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people leaving lobby

can someone PLEASE explain me why the **** people are waiting until like 3 seconds before the timmer aneds and then start leaving the lobby??? Happens pretty often and is annyoing as hell...


  • Hot pockets
  • Hot pockets

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  • IceLion68 wrote: »
    Hot pockets

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  • Useless turds whose idea of "fun" is to ruin other people's time. Also some of them sit in the centre and pout while waiting for the only one position that they can play, usually your better off without them because they tend to be terrible at the game anyway.
  • TeeMan69X
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    Just played a game that we scored 3 goals in the first 15 minutes of the first. 3 players of the other team quit. In the second they score 1 goal. Our goalie quit. Yes one goal. We score 2 more. Thire goalie starts skating all over the ice penalty after penalty. Another player quits on his team. So now were playing against 4 bots. They score 7 goals with all our players playing good defense. But they win the game. 7-6.

    I don't understand why the game keep the goalie in and why does the bots score with every shot threw 3 or more players blocking????

    It made my defense coach feedback go from a B to a D- in one period.
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