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A fun little test of the skillzone and trap

So I played against a fellow Swedish player that played full defensive style with skillzone and trap. He scored on breakaways when his Ai got the puck, I hammered him with shots and ToA but was unlucky and lost 2-1. He had a really stacked team as I do so we talked after the game and I said that he would get my whole team if he beat me without skillzone and trap.

He accepted the challenge and after 2 periods I was up 5-1 and he rage quit.

The difference was stunning, I tried to get this challenge before but no one would accept it.

Afterwards he admit that he only played the skillzone and trap to get the win, nothing else matters about having fun playing or learning how to play defense himself.

I usually win over the skillzone and trap since it gives me a lot of time to find good ooportunities but sometimes the puck just wont go in and sometimes the AI plays like a god giving me no time and poke checks the puck like a God.

All in all I do hope EA can find a balance for NHL 18 where players must take more control of their defense play and not solely relying on the AI to take care of it while they park in fornt of net trying to block shots.


  • You didn't record it? Would have loved to see it.
  • Afraid not I just thought about it after the game that I should have recorded the first one and this one, If it happens again Iwill do it for sure, it was quite funny in the second game he was all over the place defensively, had no clue whatsoever how to play defense =)
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