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NHL 11 was the BEST. WHAT THE **** HAPPENED ?

Look at the hot the mess we are in now. How can we be dam near 6 years later and on more powerful machines and be worse ?

I bet NHL 12 is prob one of the highest selling titles. Not becuase it was any good, NHL 12 was garbage , it just sold so well becuase NHL 11 was by far and away the best iteration of the franchise.

All they literally had to do was tone down the hitting. You could find 6v6 match all day and with a variety of teams. Now look at the entire EASHL community. Where big fish feel dominant in a little pond.

I remember when they announced tps skating , I remember the guy they chose to announce it. He came over from the fight night franchise. What's that you ask? Just an absolute mess of a game that literally killed the franchise for good with how utter garbage it was.

Hockey was actually progressing as a sport and has made strides in the U.S. as of the now evident talent of the programs and players from California alone.

Write the same exact code for NHL 11 slightly tone down the hitting, slightly tune the forwards ability to perform certain lighting quick dekes, especially stringing them together and ta-****-da. You got the best game to date along with making EASHL popular again.


  • And please fix the sound of checking by the boards !

    Anyone who has been to an NHL game knows and loves the sound the boards make when players collide !

    Seriously, why for two consectuive years they just completely took that sound out is extremely baffling

    That sound creates immersion
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