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Movember question

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edited February 2017
Is this the time to strike On the market since people are lowering the prices? I know toty is coming, but then again: Movember is still a good card to get the further upgrades for the players in playoffs etc etc. Please share your opinion.


  • only reason movembers are dropping imo is because the totw and special card synergies are better.
  • Depends on what you need for synergies and if you like the new ones or not ... It's almost a garuntee toty cards will have different synergies and will cater to the new ones , 99 Datsyuk, kaberle and I forget who had the new team synergy, no one else shares their synergies, this will have to change ...
  • Prices are dropping because of allstar week
    Many packs have been ripped. They will rebound a bit but could crash again in march. Guys like movgetzfor 140 or movperry for 120 are good investments imo
    Obviously new cards have better synergies but they will also be much more expensive.
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