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Cards not showing up in collection...

Anyone have this problem, I have several black cards...I can add them into my lineup and remove them but they don't show up in the collections....for example I have a black Varlamov card and it doesn't even show that it exists in the collection for the aves...and I have a Kris Russell card it does show up for the oilers but is greyed out like I don't have it...but I can put him in and out of my lineup too...


  • put him up on auction block for something crazy for an hour and then when its expired put him back into the collection. it'll show up then, ive had similar issues with other cards.
  • I can't auction them...the only access is putting them into and removing from the lineup...Id like to sell them but can only send them to auction from the collections...
  • Thanks though
  • If you go to the sell screen and search your collection they should be there
  • Reboot
  • I never even thought of that...thanks man
  • No problem. Never lost something so far, it bugs sometimes but a reboot gives it back, even just getting out and in HUT does the trick :-)
  • Had the same issue yesterday with trying to sell a TOTW Kesler, couldn't access it from my collection or the sell screen. Reboot, still couldn't see it in my collection but it was available from the sell items screen.
  • monz
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    I have the same problem but it's with untradable Christmas cards Mike Richards and biz-nasty any ideas on how to fix those???
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