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I was late to the party

I just got this game about a month ago. I finally completed the Bruins set and got Bucyk. After that I'm left with very little credits to spend. Should I be buying gold packs when I get to 7500 or saving for better players? Or, saving for special packs when they come around? I spent some actual money to buy some special packs and really didn't see that it was worth it.

So, what should my next goal be to help advance my team?? Complete sets? I need gold and carbon collectibles for every remaining set so that seems a bit daunting to be honest.

A little help?
Thanks guys!


  • So...any advice?? I'd love to have a Bure or some other greats but I just don't see it happening...do the legends show up in gold packs?? Grinding out games to save for them seems like a pretty mind numbing grind.
  • I just got this for christmas myself, I would stay away from packs. Play the market, buy low sell high, maybe try to pull a good Series 2 card in the sets that are out now. It's a buyers market right now.
  • Thanks! Any tips on playing the market? I bought a series 2 Krecjie (sp?) for 8000 today and it looks to be going for upwards of 20,000 in some cases so I'm gonna try to flip it. If not I've got a new first line center. Win/win.
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