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Thoughts on j.r.?

Pulled him last night in a division title pack. Not sure what to expect played on game with him on the wing since my centers are set. No reason not to use him since he is untradeable. Just wanted to know if he is consistent he would be replacing legend Neely on my team.


  • his shot is not as good as Neely's, but he is faster and better in almost every other category... depending on what you need him for I would probably opt for J.R (mind you I haven't tried either)
  • See that's what I need I need a little more speed on my top line. All of my other lines are fairly even when it comes to size and speed. Roenick has a great wrister haven't been scoring as many slapshots these days. I also have him paired with krieder totw and Mike Richards.
  • give it a shot.. don't sell Neely yet, try JR for 5 games and go from there
  • Ya I am going to do that although I'm currently in d1 so results may not be completely accurate.
  • I used neeley and jr. Jr is better. Neeley does have the better shot but he's just so slow. Unless you have that 99 card!
  • If only I had that 99 card...
  • you can get it if you quicksell your top 3 guys
  • ESPOtheDON wrote: »
    give it a shot.. don't sell Neely yet, try JR for 5 games and go from there

    Neely is A "Must have" card in HUT this year. The dude is A SOLID all around forward whit A brilliant N.A.S.T.Y slapper
  • He was a better actor than hockey player. You know it's true
  • Loved him in dumb and dumber seabass... Priceless
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