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Instigator penalties.

So I'm playing a game in EASHL and its tied with less than 2 mins left in the game, we turn the puck over in the offensive zone and their winger tries breaking up the boards and I rock him and he gets injured, it's a clean hit with no penalty and I have possession of the puck; all the sudden a player comes charging from 20 feet away throwing his gloves off and stops the entire play to fight with me.

How isn't this an instigator penalty? Why do I have to take a fight instantly after I land a clean hit? I didn't even have time to pass the puck before I automatically drop my own gloves and wait for this guy skate to me from 20 feet away.

If this is going to stay in the game, it should be a 2 min penalty.


  • Stupid really, but EA seems to want to reward that kind of play.
  • Remember when on a breakaway some players would rub a glove in your face while sucking you into the animation, but the best part was no penalty on the call? And negating your breakaway?

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