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Any computer experts here?

I want to build a new PC with my tax refund this year. I'm looking for some input from other people who may know about this stuff.

My budget is around $2000, but I can go up a little from there. My last computer cost around $800 and I built it in 2010. It's just now getting to the point where I have to tune down graphics past where I want them to be to get a playable framerate.

I've always been an AMD fanboy, but the past few years Intel has been killing them. I planned to go with Intel this year for the first time ever, and match it up with a shiny new GTX1080. I had my parts all picked and was just waiting on the check to come in when I did some more research on my components.

It looks like Nvidia has problems with direct X12 and asynchronous computing, while AMD graphics cards run DX 12 beautifully. I want my computer to last for a while, as evidenced by my last build, so good future support is important to me, and I think DX 12 will be a big part of that.

As much of an AMD fanboy that I've been, I usually have gone with Nvidia cards, but this made me look into the RX 480. While vastly underpowered compared to the GTX1080, 2 RX 480's seem to be comparable (assuming crossfire is supported) and cost less.

As I read further, I found out AMD is on the verge of releasing a new chip, Ryzen, and a new graphics chip as well, Vega. Has anyone been following these? I would consider waiting to get them, but I don't want to if they won't be any better than an i7 6800k, or a GTX1080.


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    Ryzen is going to shake the market, their top end CPU is undercutting Intel by about $600, and their other CPU's are beating Intel as well. There isn't much news about Vega, but I'd definitely wait until there is considering how much improvement there has been with these new Ryzen CPUs. I haven't heard about those issues that you're concerned about, but that doesn't mean they're illegitimate. Also, DX12 isn't really utilized in that many games today I believe; I think it's an option in some games, but it hasn't been fully adopted yet. But my only advice I would give you would be to wait and see what AMD is doing if you're patient.
  • Thanks guys.

    I made my decision already anyways, couldn't wait, money was burning a hole in my pocket. I didn't wait for Ryzen. I went with the intel 7700k and a GTX 1070, and so far, everything runs 1080, max settings, and 60fps. (I only have a 1080 60hz monitor and didn't want to upgrade that at this time).

    I figure I'll run with this for a while, and once games start catching up to my PC, I can throw another 1070 in there for cheap.
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