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question on opening ports for nhl17 (HELP)

Ok so i found the info on which ports to open up from EA but im a noob when it comes to this stuff i know how to access my router to get to the screen to enter which ports to open but it says

Protocol: TCP or UDP (with a click icon to select which one)
Port (or range)
From:__________________ To:_______________
Protocol Timeout: _______________ TCP default 86400 seconds UDP default 600 seconds
Map to Host Port: _______________ Default/blank = same port as above
Application Type: (I choose from 6 different options)
1) FTP (file transfer protocol) server
2) H.323-based internet telephony
3) Direct Game (DirectPlay) host
4) IRC (internet relay chat) server
5) PPTP virtual private network server
6) SIP- based internet telephony

(im thinking i chose #3???)

Thank you for any help someone can give me as im lost and clueless about this stuff

These are the numbers
UDP- 3659; 6000; 10000-10150
TCP- 80; 443; 10000-10150; 42127

the To & From parts is what really has me lost


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