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EASHL CLUB - No Home Games

I have found that my club has not been getting anywhere near the same amount of home games as away games. I would say 1/10 games we play are on home ice. No exaggeration, no hyperbole.

My club is still working our way up through the club progression system, unlocking new trinkets for our arena - yet we RARELY get to enjoy the customization of our club arena in-game.

Is there a valid, logical reason for this?

Is it because we are a Top 50 club? Lower ranked clubs get home ice?
Is it because we're on the west coast?
Is it simply a connection issue?

IMO one of the best features of NHL 17 is the club arena customization. It is just frustrating that we rarely get to reap the rewards for our club.


  • Top 50. Really. Wow good for you. But dont you think you would have more fun playing against other clubs that are in range from rank 45 to 55. Not clubs in their hundreds.
  • Socair
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    Do you guys try to use different captains to find who has the better connection on your club? Home team usually hosts the game if your connection is best available I believe. Used to be that way years ago.

    There are dedicated servers in EASHL, no host. The only reason one team gets home over another is based on the individual dressing room capain searching and their ping to the server versus the other teams "searcher"...all given required matchmaking criteria within the search time. Better ping gets home more often as far as I know.
    Or it's randomised as it says when matching in versus. In which case, you have bad luck.
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