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DISC in new season mode

Is it just me who has an insane amount of DISC with this new season mode?

Ever since this new mode came out my DISC happen at an alarming rate in S2 I had 6 in a row. Just lost a game I was up 4-1 in late 3rd for my 3rd game to be ranked. It's beyond frustrating but yet I play eashl and it's smooth as hell with never a disc

Anyone have any ideas what I can do? Or is I t just crappy EA?


  • Never happened to me
  • Has happened to me screwed up my whole season 3 happened first game was up 3-0 in the third it says I lost connection to EA servers... But all my wifi and everything else was still working just fine. People are doing it intentionally...
  • I think it's time EA made some changes in how they host the vs/HUT games. I know it sounds p2p not overly sure what that means but something has to be done differently. How does eashl play so smoothly but HUT their money maker gets screwed crap connection issues.

    I can play regular hut games with little issues but this season mode (the mode I want to play) has such crap issues
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