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This has gotten out of hand now. The last 4 out of 10 people I have played have attempted this and having it done successfully. I hope that there will be an end to this soon I have video evidence on 2 out of the 4 but is there anything that will be done?

I personally tried bacons idea and it didnt work unfortunatly :-(. This is such a game breaker especially for competitive seasons. If you can't stop this ea then there should not be anything competitve until this situation is handled and have it resumed when this is offically fixed. Its horrible people can get out of losses just because they can do something so easily. I hope you all are working on a fix for this cause this is terrible.


  • I'm beginning to think my lag outs have nothing to do with my connection at all. I thought it was odd that I could play the regular way on HUT and have very little issues, play eashl and have zero issues but play competitive seasons and I disc fairly regularly
  • It does suck. There is supposed to be a thread on reddit that list the guys who do this. We aren't allowed to do something like that here. If someone has the link to that thread, I'm sure some guys would appreciate it
  • How does it work? How do I find out if they are desyncing?
  • Nemomen you would know if you dont feel lucky. Sorry I am not explaining anything about how it's done or how you look for it because it's clear as day. All I will say is bacon has a video out on how to attempt to stop it but I tried it and unfortunately it did not work for me.
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