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Goalies have no clue how to play the puck when it isn't shot on net (OVP)

This post is about Online VS play.

I have seen it enough now that I can state this as a fact - or constantly confirmed opinion: *the majority of the time when the puck comes near the goalie, he is dumbfounded on how to play it.
(*as long as it isn't a direct shot on net.)

Shots that deflect near the goalie, pucks shot down the ice from penalty kills, errant passes, bad bounces, or any other time the puck comes near the goalie he misplays the puck. It is like they are only programmed to respond correctly to direct shots on net. Otherwise, they will come out and completely miss it, skate on bad angles, or somehow create a dangerous play from what should be an easy stop/pass/block/whatever.


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