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NHL 16 vs 17

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I've played NHL 16 at my brothers, and I was thinking of picking it up for myself. So the question is, is it worth it to upgrade to 17? Or should I just stick to 16? Not much of a hut player. The stupidity of the AI in 16 bugs me alot, but is that just from lack of *hockey sense* stat and *defensive awareness* stat?


  • VeNOM2099
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    The AI is not much better in 17. Yeah, they cover the back-door option a bit better than last year, but they still leave it open far too often. And they generally are as bad as ever on the breakout.

    If you don't have NHL 16, then pick up 17 as it's a "marginal" upgrade. If you have 16, I suggest you subscribe to EA Access instead and wait a few more weeks, NHL 17 will likely be available for free with your subscription.
  • There are more sliders in NHL 17. Penalty sliders and all the old sliders now go up to 100.
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