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Why Did They remove the Ability to Dangle?



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  • DeejNYLV
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    I knew the motivation for his comment, I was trying to bait him into declaring that motivation. Was going to then rip apart his wrong assumption of thinking I'm a selfish player.

    Also, your comment comparing what people do in NHL 17 to the actual NHL is a dangerously foolish one.

    I don't see nothing foolish about his point.
    Can you elaborate?

    Are you one of those 3 guys with 6 accounts that wanna go back to the "Nhl12 glory days"?

    NHL 09-11' were the glory years*

    once everything became phsics
    VeNOM2099 wrote: »
    Again, totally agree. Dekeing wasn't OP, but it required a lot of skill in order to pull off with a high degree of success.

    didn't take that much skill but a lot better than it is now. also that was your 837th post on here since the new forums opened O
    How can we have somehow useful/helping discussion for the game if guys like Saveus2k are not banned?

    if anyone should be banned and kicked off the game breakers it should be you. no offense, but your archaic offline sim mode shouldn't hold any weight in 2017, when everyone has internet. your group of offline sim players is probably the smallest community within the community and should be at the absolute bottom of the priority list.

    once again no offense to anyone who enjoys the game offline, but you need to understand it shouldn't be a priority in this day and age.

    Care to share the data you are using to claim offline players are the smallest part of the community? I assume you have some, because otherwise you are talking out of your @sss.

    Also, thanks for filling out the **** bingo card by dropping the "no offense" and then saying something completely rude to someone who hadn't been the slightest bit rude to you! What a Maroon!
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