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NHL Legacy version 360

Do people play it? EASHL is what I'm most curious about.I hooked up the 360 in the bedroom and realized I have no games for it anymore.Figured I might buy it so I have some puck to play but if theres no dropin games to be had id rather buy something else.Can anyone give any info on the population count for eashl at all?



  • Months ago when I got rid of my 360 there was still a higher population playing NHL 15 over Legacy, and even then there were less than 1,000 players on at any given time. Legacy was always like 300-500. It's a shame that they don't make Legacy available as a backwards compatible title on the One.
  • kitchener_boy
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    edited March 2017
    I'm glad I found this topic cause I was wondering how Legacy was doing too.How is it on PS3?. I'm really impressed that 14 is still online compatible and getting into a game is not hard at all. Have they updated Legacy at all lately? or has EA forgot about it?.
  • I would play this if it was backwards compatible. I miss the advanced skill stick.
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