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Another dumb AI move that needs to be adressed...

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SIgh .... http://imgur.com/rPuJKRy

So, Rob blake, decides to break out and give ovechkin an easy break away, pretty much gave up a 3 on 0 ... This is why AI needs awareness ,,,, First all, they are rushing into my zone and my coach has my team doing an offensive line change, and players don't care the puck is right there, they are just gonna mindlessly line change and make sure im outnumbered in the defensive zone, So time to fire bruce brudeau ( however you spell that clown coaches name).

Now onto the play at hand: the puck gets bumped off the attacker, and is now loose, so rob blake says hey im the only D man back there is an offensive line change going on SO WE ARE UNDERPOWERED ON DEFENSE, and NO ONE HAS POSSESSION OF THE PUCK, THEY ARE CLOSER TO THE PUCK THAN MY TEAM IS, .so now is the perfect time ( on normal stay wide and blue line break out which even on super aggressive break out this should never ever happen ) to rush forward and and break out... Seriously how stupid is the AI to do something like this ... had this been a GWG against I would have lost 100% on bad game mechanics. ALSO this trash encourages skill zoners, had I blipped to blake, and not tried to play the man myself, I would have had a man back, so again im being punished for trying to play my own man something EA wants us to do ...

When a high poise and highly aware player can do stupid , stupid stuff like this, there is something wrong, and when your AI is as dumb as mine is consistently you have a really rough time trying to get some good games in, I didn't see the other teams AI bail on the play, they stuck with it and got themselves a goal, mine abandoned the play and got me scored on ... This trash shouldn't be in the game ... Not even a peewee player would make a play as dumb as rob blake just did in this clip.


  • Dixonyu
    649 posts Member
    Also I want to point out, three clips from the same game... no issues in the third, in fact I scored 4 in the third to win the game, but couldn't play in the 1st and 2nd periods due to trash like this , then it flips tunrs upside in my favor, as the game flow always seems to do ... there is definitely something wrong with this game ...
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