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NHL 20 Patch Details January 30th

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Toty has no search category...

649 posts Member
edited March 2017
Gonna put this here and hope for some kind of fix tonight, after all it's hut, maybe they will hot patch after reading this ...

But the search category is not there, the only way to search these players is through your collection, which is a pain... Leave it to ea to mess up the simple things.

Toty so far is a partial bust because of some incompetent person who couldn't add a search category for them lol, smooth job ea ... Then again they are too lazy to even give hut the same line change options that franchise mode gets ...


  • Dixonyu
    649 posts Member
    Wait, a late night hot fix that didn't fix an issue with hut, maybe because it's to do with the marketplace and not the store ...
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