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Seamless puck ups hahahahaha


  • VeNOM2099 wrote: »

    Watch #94 in this clip. Where's the "seamless" puck pick up here? He can't pick it up the first time (he's not SMASHING the LS or going in a circle), then he back tracks and glides into the loose puck and STILL can't pick it up.

    Face it Kory, the feature is messed up and doesn't work. When people hear "seamless" something, they expect it to happen while they're in stride so that it happens without them having to DO anything extraneous to achieve it.

    Seamless doesn't mean you have to jump through hoops by letting go and waiting for the auto-animation to scoop up a puck. That's not seamless. That's actually the CONTRARY to seamless...

    The fact that he missed that slapper in the first place is a joke.
  • bryta47
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    edited March 2017
    The player skating in circles with the puck sitting between the stick blade and his skates WITHOUT picking it up is a major flaw in this game - how anyone can defend that **** is beyond me.
  • CrushNHL
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    edited March 2017
    I feel like picking up the puck on old gen was much more "seamless"
  • sgiz1
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    "Holding it at full range going in circles is absolutely chaotic."

    The skater failed to pick up the puck in his first attempt, in response to missing it he started the turn back to circle back to the puck, yet to only again skate right by it.

    Nothing to do with riding the left stick in full turn mode, everything to do with the game calculation malfunctioning (likely due to latency), this malfunction forced the user/skater to react by slamming the left stick into circle back around mode. If the game functioned properly he would have picked up the puck on the first skate by.

    It always amazing me the arrogance of some on this board, they are 1 out of 10 with good connection to server so the game functions well for them, if you have latency impacted malfunctions its "get good kid" lol.....

    The game has major flaws due to latency issues, the game fails to compute the in game calculations.
  • Sgt_Kelso
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    Ah Kory, bravely defending EA to the last. You deserve a prize for above and beyond. :*

    In real life players can actually pick up the puck (with one hand even) and accelerate at the same time. I guess it's not in the game?
  • Hockeytown1926
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    edited March 2017

    Greatest seamless puck pick up ever? Datsyuk vs Boston in the Play-offs............one handed skills!
  • Sorry your straw man argument is getting old. Loose puck pickups, of any variety, are a disaster nhl 16 and 17.

    This was not an issue in old gen... Like so many other things about this game, it was much better before.
  • Makes you wonder if they've seen a real hockey game with the way the puck flows during the course of a game.
  • Bmh245
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    KoryDub wrote: »
    Bmh245 wrote: »
    the player does enter a controlled glide.. but he skates to where the puck was, and not where it was going to be when he reached the boards. Now yes. the puck is close and he maybe should've grabbed it.. but I'm unaware of this player's attributes... so the case could be made that, potentially, he didn't have the attributes to obtain that puck in the way he approached it?

    Is it right? Maybe not. But these are things that need to be taken in to account.

    Also, it's worth noting that the puck physics on this example are doing some strange things. It takes a hop off the ice right as the player gets near it, which may have contributed to the failed gathering of the puck.

    This was a perfect opportunity to initiate a Seamless Puck Pickup.

    The player should've entered a controlled glide before reaching the puck, and right before he gets there, move LS in the direction you want your player to go once he actually gets the puck.

    Jesus -- you will defend anything. That's Shanahan. With the synergies I have activated he has 99 offensive awareness, 98 hand-eye, 99 puck control. And he does skate to where the puck is going -- it literally goes right past his stick. But somehow you want to argue that's user error. Unbelievable.

    And if I'd tried to initiate a Seamless Puck Pickup, this is what would have happened:


    I skate to where the puck is going to be. I move LS in the direction I want the player to go (up ice). And what happens? He makes no move to grab the puck. He just skates away.

    The code that dictates whether a player will reach for the puck or not is so woefully inconsistent in this game. Here, for instance, I'm skating after the puck, and my player (98 hand-eye, 97 puck control) just decides to reach for it even though it's well out of reach.


    Why does he reach for a puck that he has no hope of getting, while Shanahan doesn't reach for a puck that's literally right in front of him? Because that's this game: inconsistent, inconsistent, inconsistent.
  • I get that it isn't perfect and can be wonky at times, but for sure - people over skate (either are full on 100% left stick use or completely off it - no in between), people use the hustle button way too much (i.e. - your chances of picking up the puck w/ hustle in use is rather.... limited) and people don't use "L" trigger enough.
  • The game is too inconsistent. Works sometimes then doesn't others. No control over attempting to reach for the puck. Ask anyone who's considered a 'elite' player will say you just have to compensate for the games inconsistently to win. It's not a terrible game but things can be improved.
  • P4tchey
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    edited March 2017
    Kory I still think what you say makes sense, but as it currently stands, if you hold your stick at full tilt you won't pick up the puck because the game assumes you're going full speed even if you're not skating fast. Those instances where guys are circling the puck shouldn't happen because even if their stick is all "wonky" as you say, they aren't moving fast. It's an immersion breaker when our player doesn't simply reach out and pick those up, and EA is all about immersion and presentation.
  • Idk man that last clip with the dude circling a puck that is within arm's reach is something that should never happen yet happens all the time. There is no reason your player shouldn't be able to reach out with his stick given the fact that he's making such a tight circle around the puck. It's ridiculous, regardless of what we do with our LS.
  • https://youtu.be/eTxZ67vNeTE

    Why didn't Tom Wilson pick up that puck?

    And someone get that kid to Sunday School.
  • We need changes, man. This game has been too clunky for too long. These guys are making the game in a clunky fashion, filled with all kinds of blatant issues. You guys (the mods) are the ones who face the wrath of our frustration which is unfortunate because you guys aren't coding the game.

    I appreciate the advice you guys give but the fact is the gameplay feels way too clunky, way too RNG, way too sluggish. Up and down the ice a bunch of weird outcomes happen. BMH is right in that the one thing consistent about this series is that it will be inconsistent.

    The game fights you all game long. It's a gigantic battle in this game to do the simplest of things. Simpler (back in the old-gen games) was better. All these animations interfering with simple mechanics are drowning the fun from this series. Three years straight, it's time to get people in who are going to make a fun, hockey title and get away from this crap. It's not working and the first step is admitting it, then the next step is making changes.

    I haven't seen any evidence that we are going to clean up these issues from this development team. All we get, year after year now, is more frustration piled upon old frustrations. We're also now 3 straight years of having the "Failure to Retrieve Data" bug. It's just the same issues every single year. It's beyond old, it's beyond excusable now that we're heading into year 4 of current gen.

    If they don't care about their jobs and the product then do everyone a solid and go work somewhere else. If they are truly fans of this game then they shouldn't be on board with killing it. Just my honest take.
  • If the situation is lose/lose you have to accept the loss and put yourself in the best position to counter. Let your opponent get the puck and then bump him off the puck, or get between him and your net. It's like a game of chess!

    When in doubt, don't go for the puck.

    Sad but true.
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