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Seamless puck ups hahahahaha



  • To me, seamless puck pickups means that the players will reach to attempt to pick up the puck, which doesn't happen enough in this game.
  • I agree SaveUs2k but there are often times where players won't go 100% in to a 50/50 puck battle.

    It's often more successful to counter than to retrieve and be countered
  • Rangersny81
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    SaveUs2K wrote: »
    So, my point is that we need to remove these types of scenarios from the game where I know I can get the puck, but I also know the game is holding me back from making a good play, not necessarily because I don't have time, but because I don't have the tools.

    Completely agree. Another example I feel that where this game tends to do this is the catch-up speed on breakaways. I'll have what looks like a wide-open breakaway down the ice, then sure enough, here comes my opponent making up tons of ground. I've literally just stopped on the breakaway because there is no point trying to out-race him anymore.

    All of the weird, rubberbanding stuff needs to go. Most of the bad animations in the game (i.e. puck pick-ups) are killing what used to be simple mechanics. Make goaltenders better (able to adjust) and let people play the game instead of having the game dictate outcomes.

    Goalies shouldn't be beat by a simple left-right move. Or, if he gets beat once, he should be able to adjust to the same move. Stop band-aiding bad AI with weird animations that are constantly causing unrealistic turnovers.

    It's all definitely easier said than done, but if it can't be done by this dev team then the conversation needs to be about getting capable people in here rather than trying to have the same team botching the final product every year. I feel like even if they listened to the community, it doesn't look like they have the know-how nor the motivation to make it happen, anyway.

    "We know we can make things better" needs to turn into "We're going to make things better." There's a big difference between those two statements. We need to hear the latter in order to have any hope this game turns around.

    I'm not all for firing people, but we're hitting a point where this series needs to either make a serious u-turn or it may never see the next generation of consoles. People are jumping ship and getting frustrated. You see more and more YouTubers and Twitch guys quitting the game early.

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