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Not sure what EA is planning on doing in NHL18 but it'd be awesome to see them team up with upper deck for hut, have real cards, rookie cards, throwback cards, special cards, instead of legend cards have just players from all the years, would be a hell of an idea
- Real insiders from NBC
- Contract extensions
- hiring firing staff (scouts, player development, Coaches)
- Scouting ( should be able to see draftable players stats from leagues they play in all year)
- ECHL being connected to franchise
- Development/potential (development of players should directly be effected by playing time (any level(AHL/OHL), potential, and how you use them), and training (which would determine how you could use them)
- Overall mode feel (story lines develop over the course of a NHL year, so have stories emerge throughout the hectic NHL schedule
- Having systems mean something (Montreal plays a shut down system and they have players that fit in that role and play within it)
-how they affect one another (how attributes affect one another)
-more conservative ratings (some ratings are still mind boggling)

Just my thoughts on a few things that I think might add to overall game experience, presentation is fine, now EA needs to add to modes and functionality of the game
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