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Rankings (Competitive Season)



  • yikes... the least amount I went up was like 82 points..

    most were 95-125
  • Least I had ever seen was 70. Why even have it possible to matchup with someone for 27 points. Just tell me no games are available
  • I got 3 points for a win last night.
  • Shlog61 wrote: »
    this game mode is the most inconsistent ****. So much **** happens in this game mode, going back to regular season was such a difference for the better

    I agree there is something weird with CS.

    Yeah I must say CS has the weirdest things happen and the laggiest games as well. I've personally always found the same thing with HUT but CS is definitely too clunky. Playing ovp is such a better experience in all seriousness, evenly matched teams + much less lag = way better experience.
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