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someone please tell me whats going on

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because i dont get it.
like. every single game. is the same.

1. im getting pokechecked.
- 1a. watch the puck continuosly get poked off my stick in my defensive end riiiight before i possess it, over and over until you finally score.
- 2a. if i do manage to gain possesion im poked from behind about 3 seconds later.
- 3a. if im not poked from behind im poked by the defender at the blue line.
- 4a. if im not pokechecked im bodied off the puck from someone with absolutely no momentum.

2. i CANT pokecheck.
- 2a. i know exactly what is comin and i STILL get dangled. everytime.

3. i CANT hit.
- 3a. ill skate with much more momentum than the attacker and i collide with them and absolutley nothing happens.

4. every 1 of my skaters is slow.
- 4a. i feather my stick. ok i can turn sharper. thanks
- 4b. i mash it down any harder im gunna break it. 7 strides in still not full speed.

5. every skater on other team accel and speed 99 aparrently because they breeze right by me skating backwards because IM NOT GIVIN A CHOICE AND HIP CHECKING IS USELESS.

6. breakout passes down the wing beat my defenders on the boards EVERY TIME.
- 6a. when i catch passes my skater doesnt keep his momentum or even have any to begin with.

7. my ai seems to just mindlessly exist on the ice. opponents stand in every single shooting and passing lane. stick and body me off the puck, give me absolutely nothing and mine is swiss cheese. what a stressfull feeling to know that no matter which guy you control, the puck goes in the net. attack the puck, and he finds someone open. take the passing lane from the crease, he works it outside and gets a screen goal. take the point away, its getting burried cross crease.

when i play this "game" i am not smiling. ever. the whole time im a **** hair away from punching a hole through my tv and taking my xbox outside and exploding it on road, getting in my car and driving it through the front doors of ea with a cinderblock on the gas pedal. and dropping a nuke on the guys house that messages me "lol" after he beats me 10-0. if i even make it that far before finger **** the home button on my xbox and telling god to end my suffering, the pain from not getting gud is too much much to bare, please take me to the lake now, im done here.

never do i feel outplayed and clap and say wow, that was a really nice move, totally fooled me. deserved that one.

no. its the same unstoppable cheesey **** that i see coming from 2015 and its just that cheesy, that it works everytime. but none of that cheese activates for my skaters.


  • Welcome to next gen ea sport nhl.
  • Pull you stick to the side, left or right ..if you're getting poked spammed, you will draw some penalties.
  • That is simply latency favoring your opponent, nothing less, nothing more. But it is the game's worst downfall for the last 3-4 years running now. No, they are not interested in doing anything about it. No, they aren't gonna fix it for 18 either.
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