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Snubbed toty players...

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edited March 2017
Not updated on the website ... https://www.easports.com/nhl/hockey-ultimate-team/news/2017/team-of-the-year-set

So I can only see community and when I go to sets in the hut menu in game, there is only the ctoty set available... So far I see nothing but lies and false advertising...

How do I see the dtoty, ytoty, it's not where ea says it should be, and I cannot use my collectables to get these snubbed players... What am I missing? Or will ea fix their website and the sets ?


  • Dixonyu
    649 posts Member
    I cannot change the 5 collectables for defensive toty, or young guns toty snubbed as I cannot see the sets and I assume I cannot trade in my offensive toty collectables for offensive snubbed players ??

    There is a Jonathan Drouin on the market, he is not listed on EA's website as a toty player, but I'm fairly sure is a snubbed young guns toty player, and I do not have a chance to get him, yet others do ??

    Is this a one thing for the snubbed players ? A time limit thing ?
  • Dixonyu
    649 posts Member
    I know I'm blocked and the general public cannot see me, I assume mods still can ...


    When you say you are gonna do something and don't and advertise that you will, and don't, it's called false advertising, it's illegal in the UK and Canada ... Maybe you guys should smarten up, stop being lazy and incompetent and stop falsy advertising stuff, like competitive season's isn't very competitive if you let people cheat their way to victory... You may not lose the court case, but imagine the time resources and money that would have to be spent to defend yourselves ?!? You wouldn't be able to though.
  • Dixonyu
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    edited March 2017
    I want to be able to complete the set and see these players you advertised I would be able to ... Just like you advertised I'd be able to get a chance at good regards for competitive season's, but cheaters keep IP booting and ruining that in everyone, that wasn't advertised. You guys hid that fact, as IP booting has been going on for years in this game.

    How many people can say they bought packs at the promised advertisment that ea would add snubbed players and snubbed sets , so they tried to buy packs to get collectables, but these collectables are worthless as ea never released the advertised sets luring me into paying money for something I never got.
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