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PSA Don't do the TOTY sets

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I complete a TOTY set, with collectables and carbon costing 300k what do I get; a CHL player that's worth 50k. I don't expect a gaurunteed top player but to get that crap! That's garbage, I'm never buying a EA game again.


  • EA doesn't set the collectibles prices... you know the risks when you open the pack.
  • OMG!!! This is definitely EA's fault!!!
  • I must have missed the set where you were guaranteed a good player
  • The sets are only worth it if you enjoy the common synergies held between all TOTY players in that release. Go into it thinking regardless of what you pull, it will benefit your team in the long run (synergy wise).

    I completed the trade ins for all Young Guns Sets - Even though I'm stuck with 3 x mid 80's on my roster, but the synergies that they contribute towards are definite game changers in my eyes.

    Live dangerously and gamble man, but if you're going to do it make sure you'll use whatever you get.
  • these posts are getting old
  • I opened Koivu for 6 . Giordano and Honskanen for 12 . Just made like 400k
  • ESPOtheDON wrote: »
    these posts are getting old

    This is what happens with a generation of kids growing up with participation trophies
  • h8ttrick
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    Please people have gotten participation trophies for a long time! However parents now do baby their kids more.

    I'm a teacher it's insane!
  • RedOneDK
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    I would say its A 50/50 on the value.
    I made the 3 players pack and received:
    97 Mark Stone, 89 Tömmernes & 83 Ted Nichol.

    I am actually NOT disapointet nor am i happy about it. Its A avarage pull that could have gone Way more awfull.

    The cost was around 600k for me. The carbons was "free" since i have 17 left now. Waiting for the playoffs If i they drop some sort of A bomb :D
  • I am going to gamble and do a toty double set when OTOTY comes out...whats the worst that could happen...right?
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