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Can't get a game in CS

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edited April 2017
Everyone waits to see my goalie record and backs out.... I'm only 50 games over 500!!!!

I'm just gonna go play my switch this is lame!


  • put goalie up on market for 999,999 and put him back in line up after he doesn't sell
  • h8ttrick
    1661 posts Member
    I shouldn't have to do that! I need a new goalie to be real but kolzig has the synergies I want :-/
  • CS is a complete joke man...feel your pain...I switched in my bronze goalie and went 3-1 with him and on the third win guys started quiting again...on 3 wins...bronze goalie....so sick of switching goalies
  • h8ttrick
    1661 posts Member
    Well I was thinking about getting milestone Roy but I threw 88 Emery in net and he was lights out. So now I'm just wondering what to do.
  • 9Tialn6
    432 posts Member
    Get that Roy, he is cheap enough now, I picked him up a ways back and he is doing great.
    All in all, We are all just bricks in the wall
  • h8ttrick
    1661 posts Member
    I think I will I only have like 100k at the moment but if I moved kolzig I could afford him. His price will drop here in a few weeks for sure.
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