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I just wanted to buy this pack, Series 2 Ultimate pack 40 cards.

There is no indication that the pack is not available or anything and there is currently 4H and 6min left.

I have enough coins and everything... BUT

The pack you have selected is no longer available for purchase.

Was there any item limit on this pack or is it a bug?


  • mattborowiec
    2305 posts Member
    Have you bought a bunch? I get that message when I try to buy tooany packs. There's probably a limit
  • h8ttrick
    1661 posts Member
    Maybe your credit card is maxed out
  • Xeforer
    17 posts Member
    Hut Gods are trying to save you money
    The best pack is the one not bought (Sun Tzu, Art of War)
  • ESPOtheDON
    2940 posts Member
    pretty sure they cap number of packs being bought in TOTAL.. meaning if they only wanted to sell 1,000 packs, even if you didn't get one you wont be able to after those 1,000 have been purchased already
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