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PS4 top 20 club (5s) looking for solid G

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Club Name: D6 NatioN
Link: https://easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/D6%20NatioN

Very experienced club (4 years together) seeking some new blood at NHL 17's most hated position, goalie.

We normally play 5s, but recent events have made us want to play full 6s again whenever possible. We used to do this regularly in previous NHL's. Our normal play times are daily between 7 pm - 1am EST and vary on weekends.

Our requirements are as follows:

-Must NOT be a club hopper, you're just wasting everyone's time.

-Prefer an experienced and confident goalie, someone used to EASHL style play. I really don't care how many "top" teams you may have played for in the past. It's irrelevant to me.

-Someone who is comfortable playing the position full time.

-Must be a central or east coast player (North America) for game time and lag purposes

-Must be at least 21

-A mic is not required, but nice to have especially at first. *Our club has no real need for mics.

-Also knows how to stop the "cheese" goals (mainly wraps, pull back wristers from specific areas)

-A solid internet connection to avoid accidental drop and auto losses for us

-Someone who is able to brush off losses or bad games easily. We like to win, but when a loss happens be it a blow out or against a hated rival we don't carry it forward. Just learn from it, take a deep breath, and move on.

If you are interested, simply reply here with your PSN ID and tell us a bit about yourself / style. Knowing the times / days when you're usually able to play would be good also.

You may also contact my main GM Ant_D_7 on PSN for inquiries. My PSN IDs are not set to receive messages from non friends.

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  • undertaker9999 Top 17 G in Club over 500 Wins 24 SO play evenings from 1030pm to 1230 am est 36 oshawa ont
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